Both of the following examples blow out; apparently when PB is
attempting to marshal the underlying Java object into the PB proxy.
The error message is:

"Failed to find the proxy to represent the Java class: test.Bar.
It implements the following interfaces: test.BarHome;"

As I understand it, PD goes through a number of steps to resolve the
appropriate proxy including consulting xxx_ejb_pb_mapping. verified
that the mapping is in fact in there but, it's almost as if it's just
not being

Example 1: Calling List.get(int)
barsList = l_foo.getBarsAsList()
for i = 0 to barsList.size() step 1
barsList.get(i) // <-- BLOWS OUT HERE

Example 2: Calling
barsCollection = l_foo.getBarsAsCollection()
iterator iter
iter = barsCollection.iterator()
do while (iter.hasNext())
bar = iter.next_j() // <-- BLOWS OUT HERE