I a PB105 application I am using a Datawindow to generate some xml that
I validate against an xml schema with XMLParseString.

My problem is that I am behind a proxy server and when I set the
xsi:schemaLocation attribute of my xml (in the Export / Import Template
- XML settings of my datawindow) to a valid value including a namespace
and an url to the xsd file, my program does a DNS resolution for the
host specified in the url and it later try a direct connect to that host
(I have checked that behavior with WireShark). As the proxy / firewall
prevents that, the XMLParseString fails.

I noticed that if I remove the url part from the xsd url in the
xsi:schemaLocation and I place the xsd in the same folder than the xml
file the validation succeeds. But the xml file is not valid for the peer
whom I send the xml file to.

Is there a mean to tell xerces (2.6 - the XML parser used by PB) to use
the proxy configured on my box ? Or instead is there a workaround to
have a FQDN xsd url and to perform a local validation ?

I tried to set a HTTP_PROXY environment variable without success.

It seems that this question has been already asked on xerces-c lists /
forums but without answer...

Thanks for any help.

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Sébastien Kirche