This is the first time I've come across this so I'm not sure what the
issue is...

I have a printer that is configured to print 3 copies each time it's
printed to. In PB, I have a datawindow that I'm printing using the built
in print dialog. If I print from this dialog, only 1 sheet is printed
from the printer. If I change the copies field in the dialog to 2, 6
copies are printed (2 x the 3 copies specified in the printers properties).

I need to find out why 3 copies are not being printed when I specify 1
copy in the print dialog. Has anyone ever seen this before?

P.s. The configuration for printing 3 copies is done directly on the
printer. We right click on the printer, select printer preferences and
specify 3 copies in the properties dialog.

P.s.s. PB Classic 12.5.1 4015 on XP and Windows Server 2008

Brad Wery