PowerBuilder 12.5.1 Build 4015

Application uses a Rich Text Datawindow to create a letter.

When application is run from the development environment - works fine.

Deploy the application - copying .exe, .pbd and runtime DLL's to network.

DLL's as specified in Chapter 36: Deploying Applications and Components.

\Program Files (x86)\sybase\shared\powerbuilder and
\Program Files (x86)\sybase\shared\powerbuilder\rtc

Run deployed application on network from a PC that has the development
environment installed - works fine.

Run the deployed application from a non-development PC, retrieve of Rich
Text Datawindow displays messagebox( "Load Rich Text edit module error")

Key factor seems to be whether the PowerBuilder Development Environment
exists on PC.

There is a post here dating back to August 2012 for the same problem
however no solution was ever posted.

Thanks in advance for any help. Bob