Hi all,

Ultralite runs on multiple platforms:

What's the current estimated usage on each of the current active mobile

I would imagine that Windows Mobile was originally the one with the greatest

However, its not clear since.

Support for Blackberry seemed to have started in 11.0.0.
Support for iPhone seemed to have started in 12.0.0.
Support for Android seemed to have started in 12.0.1.

Clearly Windows Mobile will die at some point and Windows Phone 7 will not
be supported.

Blackberry seems to have gotten support the next earliest. It is the only
mobile platform on the Java version of the Ultralite and Blackberry is the
last of the older operating systems and seems to be on a decline now.

iPhone and Android seem to have only been supported recently and therefore
unlikely to have gained much momentum in its usage on their respective

I assume that whilst iPhone and Android have only been supported recently,
its better to focus on these platforms than on Blackberry.