Has anyone had any luck using Advantage as a "linked server" from MS
SQL? I tried installing the Advantage OLE DB driver, but when I go to
create a new linked server it brings up a form that I don't know how to
fill out. It is asking for:

Product Name
Data Source
Provider String

On the other hand, I've been partially successful in using the Microsoft
OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers. I installed the Advantage ODBC driver
and set up a System DSN. I used the System DSN name for Product Name
and Data Source, and by using "Script Table As->Select To->New Query
Window", and it generates this query:

select * from [ADVANTAGE_ODBC].[C:\advantagedb\databases\test1]..[FOOBAR]

but that also returns an error saying "contains no columns that can be
slected or the current suer does not have permissions on that object"

(That's a reasonable connection string in my mind, because
ADVANTAGE_ODBC is the name of my system DSN, c:\advantagedb... is the
location of my database tables, foobar is the name of one of my test

any ideas?