Hi all
I am trying to call an existing .NET assembly.
For example sake lets call it domain.class1

I can successfully create it as follows

domain.class1 myclass
myclass= CREATE domain.class1(parm)

This class has a public class defined within it, domain.class1.class2

I can NOT create this class as follows

domain.class1.class2 myclass
myclass= CREATE domain.class1.class2

The error is

"incompatible types in assignment: class2, class2"

If I place class2 outside of class1 I have no problems.

What is strange is when I look at the method arguments on class1 which
uses class2 as some method args I can see the following

method1( domain.class1+class2 )

What is the + sign representing and do I need to do something special to
declare and create this inner class?