Powerbuilder 10.2, VStudio 2008 SP1

Hi All

According to what I've read, this should be working though I don't do
OCX much at all.

I've created (had created) a DLL in .NET which brings up a window;
currently it's a garbage window we put together for testing. The
project has the 'expose for COM registration' checked, and we used the
regasm command (regasm blah.blah.ComUserControl.dll) to successfully

On the PB side, I've got some *very* basic calling set up

Int li_rc
oleobject tester
tester = CREATE oleobject
li_rc = tester.ConnectToNewObject("blah.blah.ComUserControl")
messagebox('test', string(li_rc))
Destroy tester

but I get a -2 return at all times. I'm sure I'm missing something basic
on this but all the digging I've done says I'm actually doing things right.

Anything glaring come out at you guys?



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issues with news server)