I am using PB 10.5 with backend sybase 12.5. RTE control
was used for the application to store large
amount of text with special formatting like bolding and
underlining, each individual entry may sometime be over 50

Now as the volume in production is increasing we are
encountering storage/retrieval issues at the database level.

Does anyone know about any tool that could encrypt data from
RTE control and store it in the database
and when retrieving the data, de-crypt it from the database
and display it in the front end? (the intention
is to reduce the number of bits of data stored in the
database, so as to reduce storage).

Could there be a solution in the database side for this or
is there any front end third party tool to
do the encryption and decryption of Richtext data? As you
know even a single letter 'a' is stored with lots
of richtext formatting data.

Ideally we would like a backend database solution to this
problem, but if it cannot be done in the backend
then a front end tool would work too.