I am using PB 10.5 and JBoss 4.

I have not been able to get Powerbuilder to connect to JBoss
at all. When I try it through the application server
profile on Port 3528 (the legacy port for CORBA) I get:

When I try it on port 1099 I get: SystemException:

I know the JBoss server itself is up and running, I can
connect through LiveCycle and it does return some stuff when
I try port 1099 through the webbrowser and I can pull up
WSDL files.

I also tried the sample app from the code exchange, changing
the URL and class path, but when I try connecting, I get "A
NamingException has occurred: Failed to connect to the EJB

Could it be the version of Java PB is using that could be
incompatible with JBoss? How would I change this? Are
there other places I can look for more clues, other things I
can try?

Thanks Much,