Hi the following query works in 10 and not in 11 the adv_rfqo table is a
proxy table on a remote server. I have made a cursory check of the
documentation and don't immeadiately see any relevant deprecated features
can anybody help

select RFQ_OUT_ID,
(select organisation_id from adv_orgs where organisation_description like
'%'+SUPPLIER+'%' ) as supp_o_id, 'conversion' as u_id,
(select person_id from adv_per where PERSON_KNOWN_AS = SUPPL_CONTACT_NAME )
as supp_contact_per,
min(request_quote_date) as date_sent /*DATE_RFQ_OUT_SENT_TO_SUPPLIER*/
from adv_rfqo join suppquot on RFQ_OUT_NUMBER = quote_number
group by rfq_out_id,supplier,suppl_contact_name

IN 11 I get the error "Function or column reference to 'expr_1' must also
appear in a GROUP BY "