Welcome to the SQS newsgroup. SQS is a product created by
Boeing but sold by both Sybase and Boeing.

Spatial Query Server (SQS), is a spatial data management
tool that unlocks and exploits the spatial information that
is available in captured data sources. SQS spatially
empowers a Sybase® ASE database and results in
location-based, geographically relevant information to
support decision making, thereby providing a competitive
advantage to an enterprise. The power of SQS can be
leveraged for both commercial and military applications.
Applicable to telecommunications, market analysis,
environmental, business and defense intelligence, the
information provided by an SQS-enhanced database supports
decisions related to issues of market, enemy concentration
and location, network and resource requirements, inventory
availability, or property assessments.

SQS offers the capability to easily retrieve, organize, and
analyze geographic data that is fully integrated with
existing data types. SQS allows you to build high
performance spatial data access applications with minimal
expense and effort, while handling spatial data processing,
database access, and networking.

I'd like to invite new and potential users to communicate
here. Boeing engineers will be monitoring this forum, and
we can provide assistance when needed.

If there's any interest, I can also post upcoming features,
enhancements we're working on, upcoming release dates,
announcements of beta programs, and so on. I can even post
helpful hints here; things we've noticed that will help
speed up queries.

Let me know what you'd like to read about.

Thank you

Geoff Greene
SQS Tech Lead
The Boeing Company