I have a trigger that fires on tables when ever the data has been
changed/updated/or deleted. It notifices the other client application using
using the table needs to be refreshed using a TIdUDPClient component and
calling udp.Broadcast(msg,port). msg is the table name that was changed.

The client applications are listening on the SAME port as what the trigger
sent out in the broadcast method but uses the TUDPServer to listen on that

This works fine over a local network, but isn't working at all over the
internet. I'm not sure if it just won't or do I blame it on a firewall?
OR, should I have the TUDPServer on the client application broadcast a dummy
message since I heard "client apps need to initiate the port to work"... but
that wasn't from someone that is familiar with ADS or Delphi.

I tried the Broadcasting the dummy message on the client app, but that
didn't seem to help.

Any ideas?