Im using SunOS 5.9 and EAServer 5.3 + PBVM 10.2.1 Build

The situation is:

I'm getting a CORBA MARSHAL Exception when Component
A(Requires Transaction) calls a component B(Transaction not
supported + Automatic demarcation/deactivation) and
component B is writing messages to Jaguar.log using
ErrorLogging(EAServer Crash!!) but if component B doesn't
write anything to Jaguar.log then everything works fine.

The problem only take place if I call component A using a
Servlet but If I don´t everything works fine.

The error Message is:

-Exception: CORBA MARSHAL 0; nested exception is:
org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: offset (24) + length (2) exceeds
message size (24) minor code: 0 completed: No -

I'd appreciate any suggestion...