I set "char_convert off" on my connection and execute the following

UPDATE talternateids SET accs_pswd_id = 'Ÿž––šÑÃ×' WHERE envt_name =
'Dev' AND application_name = 'frmtest' AND personal_id_nbr = 'test' AND
accs_pswd_id = 'žˆ?€' AND writ_accs_id = 'usxapp02' AND writ_pswd_id =

It works fine on Adaptive Server Enterprise/

On Adaptive Server Enterprise/, the query fails and I receive
the following message:

SQLCode = 0
SQLNRows = -1
SQLDBCode = 102
Database Error Message: Incorrect syntax near 'Dev'.

Any ideas what I can do to make this behave the same way on ASE 12.0 as
ASE 11.5?