We have created webservices in PB 11.1
These webservices are invoked from the Siebel CRM client.
When Siebel CRM invokes the webservice, its passes the relevant data
in a string (one of the arguments of the webservice method : as_xml)
which is a well-formed XML format.

In the webservice, to read the data pushed by Siebel, we are using
<datastore>.ImportString(XML!, as_xml).

Now, whenever there is an invalid input in XML (for eg: a string value
in a numeric field) pb returns the error code as -4.

Based on this error code i want to get the column name , data value
and row number for which the import failed. How do i get the required

Tried the same with a standard class datastore (nvo_ds) instead of pb
native datastore.
I have coded the following lines in the itemerror event of nvo_ds to
satisfy the requirement. It's working fine locally, but, when deployed
to IIS the is_itemerror variable is not populated.

String ls_label

ls_label = this.Describe(String(dwo.name)+".Tag")

If IsNull(ls_label) or Trim(ls_label) = '' Then ls_label =

is_itemerror = "Invalid data - '" + data + "' entered in field - '" +
ls_label + "' (Row no - " + String(row) + ")"

Any help, suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,