We have numerous reports that have been developed in Infomaker and
Powerbuilder. I need to provide a user interface for them. Many users
would like to use their browser(Internet Explorer) over our Intranet to
view them. It isn't worth it to us to invest in Jaguar and EAServer, as
there is no justifiable reason that we couldn't just develop a PB front end
and have it be accessible to all the users that way, I would just want to
use IIS, ASP, Javascript etc. I'm researching this option solely based on
user interest and desire to run everything out of a browser. I've played
around a bit and I can get a report to run. There is the whole issue
however of allowing users to enter parameters, it needs to be dynamic as
there are too many reports to code specifically for each one. I am
accustomed to the power and versatility of a PFC based application and have
written many PowerBuilder apps since PB version 2.0. Is a move to the web
for interactive presentation of these reports an unrealistic expectation?
Or i
s there already some sample source out there (I've already found the white
paper, but that was very basic functionality) that does nearly what I am
looking for? Your input is appreciated before I embark on some impossible,
foolish or nightmarish task.

Patty Brown
Eugene Water & Electric Board