Still trying to find an answer concerning addressing the length property of
an array passed from a listbox control on an html window. Simple example:

Create a webpage that has a form with a listbox and a submit button. The
listbox shows five entries and allows multiple selection. Add three items
to the listbox for display. The action parameter on the form tag sends you
to another page which processes the items selected in the listbox. Display
the web page, select two items in the listbox and click the submit button.

The problem is that I can't access the length property in of the array
passed into the receiving page. I can display the entire array with the
document.write method and can access the items directly (e.g. [0], [1]) I
can assign the incoming array to a newly defined array but cannot access the
length property of either. How do I determine how many items are contained
in the incoming array?

Alan Rosine