My current application is like the client window has 3 seperate dropdown
datawindows and a freeform datawindow at the bottom. The application server is
running on Jaguar CTS. On opening the client window data for dropdowns are
retrieved from Application server. And on clicking 'Update' button on the client
the contents of the freeform dw are sent to the application server for saving.
Now I just want the client window part to be accessed from web. I am considering
to use Powersite technology for the client. Web datawindow would not work for my
type of requirement.
Would anyone please suggest me as to what powerbuilder related technonolgy be
most suitable for making my client part web enabled that will communicate to the
Jaguar server for transaction management. And some brief guideline regarding
development of the same.
Also if Powersite is recommended, do tell me some good sites where I can find
the related white papers and examples. Is there any good book available?

Please help me asap


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