Welcome to the PowerBuilder XML forum! We hope that you find the
forum a useful place to exchange information concerning the use of
PowerBuilder that will enable you to use it to greater potential. To
ensure that we all receive the greatest benefit from the forum, we
have a few guidelines concerning its use:

Forum Purpose

This forum was established by Sybase as a means of providing a
vehicle for its customers and prospects to openly and freely exchange
information and ideas. It is neither an alternative to, nor a
replacement for a Customer Support Contract.

1. This is NOT a Sybase technical support forum and it is not the
purpose of this forum to allow customers to get free technical support
from Sybase. It is a place for users to help each other and exchange
problems solutions, information, ideas, etc.

2. Sybase has no obligation to provide questions, problems, or
provide anything other than a moderator to monitor the forum and
insure its operation and availability, exchange problems solutions,
information, ideas, etc. They do strive, however, to do much more
than that as resources permit.

3. Sybase executives may monitor the forum to observe customer
reaction to the product, keep up with users thoughts for new features,
or offer executive opinions and viewpoints. Sybase employees may also
assist on the forum when they have time available. They will offer
help but may not be available on a regular basis based on
their workload.

4. Sybase has selected a technically astute group of users to
offer assistance to other PowerBuilder users. The name of this group
is TeamSybase (TeamSybase). The moderator(s) of this forums is(are)
member(s) of that group. Generally, niether they nor the other
members of TeamSybase are Sybase employees, nor are they paid for
their services in maintaining the forum. And, while they may answer
questions in the forum from time to time, they are not responsible for
ensuring that all questions receive answers.


Please bear in mind that this is a moderated forum. As a result, it
operates somewhat differently than a typical unmoderated newsgroup.

1. If you’re using a company id, please post your name at the end of
the message so that others may know who to address when sending an
response. We would appreciate you using your full (real) name.

2. Please post the same question once in the forum that appears most
appropriate and allow 36-72 hours for a response.

3. Advertising of any kind should be limited to the forums dedicated
to that purpose (i.e., news.3rd_party_products, news.job_postings,
etc.). Spamming of the forum will not be tolerated.

4. Profanity, obscenities, and abuse of forum members will not be

5. Please refrain from sending "thanks" in the forum. Anyone
desiring to thank the person assisting them should feel free to do so,
but we would ask that this be done via e-mail to minimize traffic and
allow members to review both problems and solutions.

6. Please refrain from sending personal messages in the forum. These
conversations are more properly carried on in e-mail.

7. This forum is not particularly designed for the transfer of files.
Therefore, if you need to make files accessable to other people,
please handle it through private email or by making the file available
on an ftp site. Extremely large messages, particularly those
containing embedded files, will be deleted without notice.

8. Please put specifics on the message header(not "Help", "Bug", or
vague subject headers). People often only review headers for messages
they are interested in. This is in your best interest in getting the
most out of your message posting.

9. Please do not ask more than one question per message. If you have
five questions, please post five messages. That way, duplication of
answers for one problem and overlooked questions will be minimized.

10. When replying, ALWAYS include part of the message in your reply.
Some of us CAN'T remember what happened five minutes ago, let alone

11. The forum is primarily intended to assist PowerBuilder end-users
in obtaining the maximum benefit from the product. It is not intended
for more general discussions, such as features of various products,
product comparisions, etc. Please post messages of that type in more
appropriate arenas, such as an public, unmoderated newsgroup.

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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